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"Jackie Maraya Griffin's soprano is without a doubt the most effective in this production. 

Her voice fills the theater with beauty." 

- The Sound

"Jackie Maraya Griffin can break your heart with a song.  What a voice..."

- Connecticut Post

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Welcome to Jackie Maraya Griffin Voice Studio!  Miss Jackie has performed in professional productions all around world. Beyond her professional performance career, she has more than 20 years of teaching experience.  With a passion for performing & teaching all of her life, Jackie believes singing is the language of the soul.  She offers career mentoring for beginners to professionals and aspiring vocal coaches.  Her focus is on deepening her students' awareness and mastery of:

  • ​Breath Control
  • Vocal Power
  • Vocal Range
  • Blending Vocal Registers
  • Whistle Register
  • Head & Chest Resonance
  • Mix Mastery
  • Ear Training & Pitch
  • Tonal Production
  • Vocal Strain Elimination
  • Audition Skills
  • Stage Presence
  • Repertoire Expansion
  • Song Interpretation
  • Diction
  • Microphone Technique
  • Ear Training
  • Music Theory
  • Artistry
  • Career Mentoring

Jackie provides insight and career guidance for her students wanting to break into the industry, and mentors them along their journeys to becoming accomplished professional performers. Her teaching methods have evolved through many years of teaching and study with vocal masters in New York and Los Angeles and focuses on Speech-Level Singing and Bel Canto vocal technique.  Come in for an introductory lesson and see how Jackie Maraya Griffin can help you reach your fullest potential as an artist!

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